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Details Sacred-Markets-Sacred-Canopies-Essays-on-Religious-Markets-and-Religious-Pluralism

In Sacred Markets, Sacred Canopies, Ted. G. Jelen brings together the leading scholars in the sociology of religion to debate market theories of religion. As the contributors examine whether or not religious choices can be understood as responding to ...

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Details The-Markets-and-the-Media-Business-News-and-Stock-Market-Movements

In recent years there has been a great influx of sources for business and financial news, yet the hope that this financial media boom would lead to the democratization of the financial markets has not been realized. Thomas Schuster's The Markets and ...

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Details Emergent-Phenomena-in-Housing-Markets-Gentrification-Housing-Search-Polarization

Gentrification, Housing Search, PolarizationGebundenes BuchThe housing market, like every market, is the product of thousands of interacting buyers and sellers driven by different interests. But unlike other markets, the housing market is able to ...

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Details Regulation-of-US-Equity-Markets-Zicklin-School-of-Business-Financial-Markets-Series

In the past quarter of a century, the pace of structural change in the equity markets has accelerated dramatically and, as it has, regulation has come to play an increasingly central role in the development of market structure. The purpose of ...